Equipment distribution is April 2nd, 2016 at 165 Saint-Antoine St

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Equipment distribution is April 2nd. The Footbest mobile store will only be present on April 2nd. The first LFMO practice is scheduled for April 9th and the first outdoor Academy practice is scheduled for April 10th, so it is important that you come April 2nd.

Players MUST be present to get equipment. It is not possible to fit helmets and shoulder pads properly without the player present and their safety is our number one priority.

The schedule for the day has been posted in our calendar. In order to avoid overwhelming our volunteers, we must insist you come at the time assigned to you (by first letter of the players last name). You will not be seen in advance of your time, so please do not try. The only exception we will make is if there are players in the same family at multiple levels. If that applies to you, please come at one of the times assigned to your children.

The day is scheduled to start at 9:30. That is when the doors will open. It is a long day for our volunteers and we will not ask them to start earlier for any reason. If you are early, expect to wait until 9:30.

If you have not handed in your medical form, or if we are missing your payment or equipment deposit cheque, please make certain to bring them with you on April 2nd. We will not issue equipment to players with incomplete paperwork.

We are very excited about the start of the 2016 season. See you April 2nd.