Thank you for everything Barry

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On behalf of the Gatineau Vikings executive, I’d like to take this moment to thank Barry Rodger. We want to thank him for 10 years as the President of the Gatineau Vikings. I personally, was there 11 years ago when four guys met at a coffee shop in Gatineau, and decided to start a youth football club out of nothing. I can say that without the drive and vision that Barry brought to that table, the Vikings wouldn’t be here today. Some 3000 kids wouldn’t have the experience of playing tackle competitive football. Those that know Barry, know that he’s put in more time for this club than anyone else, as a coach, as a president, and as a friend to us all.

At the last AGM, Barry stepped down to focus on being the President of AFMO. For those that don’t know it, AFMO is the governing body for civil football in the Outaoauis. Barry will now focus on creating a center of football excellence with the city and scolaire partners, and ensuring that football in our region continues to grow.

Barry, from all of us in Viking Nation, Thank you for everything.


It was also decided at the AFMO general meeting that there would be some changes to deal with the changing demographics of the region. AFMO will continue to field teams in NCAFA and in the MRFL and QBFL, however they will now all be known as Gatineau Viking teams. The LFMO in 2015, will be run completely by AFMO. Our coaches and former players will provide all the coaching and mentorship. 2015 also see’s the launch of the Viking Academy program for players aged 9 to 18. Starting in February, the program will run until the end of June, and all players in the region and Ottawa are welcome. Players wishing to participate in both the LFMO and the Viking Academy can do both.

Last year, we took on new challenges. We saw just how hard it was to compete at the AAA level in Quebec. We took some lumps. We got up, and shook it off, it’s what good players do, and it’s what Vikings do. We all look forward to getting better in 2015. We’re seeing more and more of our former players playing CEGEP and University football. The Vikings have never been about trophies. It’s always been about kids having fun, learning skills and making an impact on the next level. And as we move forward, that will never change.

It’s our 10th year. Viking Nation has arrived. We are proud of our history, those accomplishments are the foundation for our future successes. It’s a time for old faces to be welcomed back and new ones to be embraced.

I look forward to working with you all as the new Gatineau Viking president, to continue the work that Barry started. If you have any concerns, or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Gawain Harding
Gatineau Vikings